Future of B’ham trades tower in 5 Points South

Future of B’ham trades tower in 5 Points South

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - An abandoned building in Birmingham’s Five Points South neighborhood could have new life.

Last month, the Building Trades Towers was approved for a historic preservation tax credit.

That could potentially make it easier for a developer to do something with the property.

“It’s great,” said Stephen Foster, president of the Five Points South Neighborhood Association. “It has been a blighted area in Five Points. It’s a prominent building. Now going up next to another very prominent building, so any progress on this is a great outlook for us all.”

The building has been vacant since a 2015 fire. Residents were unable to return due to asbestos and code issues.

The Birmingham Business Journal reports that the new owners have declined to say what they might do with the property.

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