Two years later, Hoover family still dealing with major flooding issues

Hoover family searches for answer to flooding woes

HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) -This weekend’s heavy rains turned a Hoover backyard into a river and this isn’t the first time. Hilary Perry says a storm drain near their home backs up and forces the water to pour into their yard.

"It’s been about two and a half years and it’s doing it again. It still hasn't been maintained,” Perry said.

In 2017 after heavy rains, the water got inside their home and damaged a back room. They had to rip up the flooring. That’s when they saw black mold and fungus. Perry says it looked like it had been there for a while.

The Perry’s have been trying to get the city of Hoover and their developer along with Colonial Pipeline to fix the storm drain.

"I really don’t know who is responsible for the drain. We can’t really figure that out because there are three sets of surveys,” Perry said. With more rain this week, Perry is hoping the drain holds the water because she knows where it will go if it doesn’t.

Colonial Pipeline says it inspected the area and tells Perry everything seems to be in good condition. Over the weekend, Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato stopped by their home to get a look at the problem.

In a statement, Brocato says: “This is a serious situation the Perry family is facing. Once I was made aware of this weekend’s flooding, I went and visited the property to see the problem first hand. This issue has been a problem for quite some time. However, this is not on City property, but private property. The City of Hoover will work with the property owners and a utility company that may be involved. Our goal is to work with all concerned parties to get the problem corrected."

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