Storm debris being cleared from the Chief Ladiga bicycle trail in Calhoun County

Clearing bicycle trails from debris in Anniston

CALHOUN CO., Ala. (WBRC) - East Alabama had its share of trees falling on houses, across streets and on highways after the straight line winds that came through during Saturday’s storm.

But one extra problem, was the of trees that fell across the Chief Ladiga bicycle trail.

The Chief Ladiga Trail begins at the Anniston city limits and goes through Weaver, Jacksonville and Piedmont.

Weaver city workers spent much of the week clearing trees and larger branches from the trail, after removing them elsewhere first.

“For the most part, we’ve been prioritizing getting trees off houses and roadways. And now we’re working towards the trail and getting them cut off there as well. We had the normal amount of debris, you know, limbs, and pieces of limbs, but when you have whole trees across the trail, it’s a little more intense,” says Weaver Mayor Wayne Willis.

Most of the debris appears clear now from the Weaver portion of the trail. We found more debris on a spur trail near the Anniston city limits that will eventually connect the Chief Ladiga Trail to the McClellan community.

The Chief Ladiga Trail brings a number of cyclists to the area, often from out of town and out of state. They often spend money in Calhoun County.

Willis says city workers also go through the trail once a month with a sweeper to clear it of fallen branches, pine cones and pine straw.

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