Shelby County State lawmakers discuss what 2020 will bring

Shelby Co. Legislative Delegation meets

SHELBY Co., Ala. (WBRC) - The Shelby County State Legislative Delegation met Wednesday afternoon to discuss topics expected to come up in the upcoming legislative session that starts February 4th.

This is a very busy time for Alabama state leaders, as they prepare for the legislative session. Wednesday they made time for an event put on by the Shelby County Chamber to discuss things that they expect will be brought up in the 2020 session.

Each delegate discussed topics including legalizing marijuana, human trafficking, a lottery, and more.

There was also an opportunity for people to ask questions and talk about issues they believe need to be discussed.

Shelby county residents should also be aware that 3 members of the current delegation are running for higher offices. If they are all elected it could result in a lot of leadership changes in this portion of the state. Representative April Weaver says in the 10 years she has been in office she has not seen the potential for this much change. She also says that the current delegation really has a great relationship.

“That is something that I think is different from many delegations in the state so as we look going forward to potential changes in our delegation it will be an exciting time for us in Shelby County season,” Representative Weaver explains.

It would be 2021 before there are any actually changes and the governor would have to call a special election for the open seats.

Speaking with legislators today there is also speculation that a candidate from the current delegation might run for a different seat if it becomes available, but they are not ready to announce that just yet.

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