Heart Gallery Alabama: Alexsandro & Cerilo

Heart Gallery Alabama: Alexsandro & Cerilo

Alexsandro, born May 2012, loves to give hugs and is always smiling. He plays well with his peers and excels in school. He likes playing video games. His favorite is a basketball game.

He’d be camouflage if he could be because people couldn’t see him, he says.

Cerilo, born May 2013, is always smiling. He is good at playing with others and is happy when he’s with other kids. Cerilo has a lot of personality. He loves to play games on his tablet.

This six year old would take a toy along on a picnic if he got to choose what to bring. If he could have a super power, he says he’d like to be able to make ice.

He loves being with other people.


Heart Gallery Alabama’s (HGA) mission is raising awareness, educating the public and finding forever families for children in foster care in Alabama.

Heart Gallery fulfills its mission through partnerships with award-winning, professional photographers who donate their time and expertise to capture each child's individual spirit.

Every child needs a loving, supportive family to help them become a successful and happy adult. HGA hopes that promoting the adoption of these children will be successful, so their dreams of being part of a family can become a reality.

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