Chilton County barn demolished in Saturday’s storms

Updated: Jan. 12, 2020 at 10:52 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Mike Mcgee is a little overwhelmed to say the least. The good news is his family is fine, but he can’t say the same for his 6,000 square foot barn.

It happened as they were about to take cover from Saturday’s severe storms.

“I have a storm cellar inside the house to get in, so my family and their friends were here to get into it and be safe,” says McGee.

They stopped to look outside and that’s when it happened.

“And we were watching the trees and then about that time I see the building just start to move and the whole roof just lifted straight up and slammed against the house and in the yard. It was over pretty quick about three minutes, four minutes.”

A heart wrenching sight.

“It was kind of scary cause you didn’t know what was behind it. So I got everyone into the storm shelter and like I said in a matter of minutes it was over.”

McGee is a contractor, so he stores all his tools inside, along with a truck, a couple boats and a race car. Happy his family safe, McGee worries now about the extra workload on his hands.

“We’re shorthanded anyway and I have a tremendous amount of work from all the clients so, now with this put on us and hard to find help these days so, it’s what makes it bad.”

It took McGee 6-8 weeks to build the barn and that was about eight years ago. His other concern is where to store everything in the meantime.

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