Pelham council hires company to help with city hall plans

Decisions about new Pelham City Hall

PELHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It has been almost a year since Pelham city officials had to move out of city hall because of dangerous mold. The city of Pelham has not used the building since March and since then, they have worked to figure out the best way to move forward.

Officials are still looking at three options: fixing the mold issue, fixing the mold issue and renovating the first floor, or building a new city hall.

At this week’s council meeting, the councilors decided to pay a company called William Blackstock $23,000 to help them better visualize the rebuilding option and renovation option.

They will receive this report in March and it will include plans of both options so they can see what it will look like, the costs to build, cost to maintain, and much more.

Some folks in Pelham are frustrated with how long this is taking, but city officials say it is an important decision.

“It has taken some time and council has asked for a lot of information and I think that is wise, you know to be able to take that information and make an informed decision on behalf of the taxpayers is important,” City Manager Gretchen DiFante explains.

The mold has not been cleaned up inside city hall. The city manager says that they are waiting to see what councilors decide before they clean out the mold.

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