Women say, in light of missing cases, never go out alone

Missing woman last seen at Tin Roof Bar

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - With several kidnappings in the news lately, it’s catching the attention of many young women in our area.

"It's just overall scary, like you can't do anything anymore without, like, watching where you're at," says Erin Jimerson.

26-year-old Erin Jimerson and her friend Paige Ip, live right around the corner from the Lakeside District. They feel it’s tragic, how many women have gone missing in the last few months. Most recently, 29-year-old Paighton Lane Houston, last seen leaving the Tin Roof bar Friday night. She was reported missing the next day.

"We were actually there last week, singing karaoke on Wednesday!” says Paige Ip.

They say they felt safe there, but that trouble can happen anywhere.

“It doesn’t really matter where you are, if someone has ill intent, I think it can carry out no matter where you’re at,” says Ip.

A fact they wish other young women would realize.

“Until it happens to someone you know, it’s like, how real can it be? So I think some people struggle with that,” says Jimerson.

Which is why the two roommates have decided to be proactive, coming up with a plan.

“You got to have a buddy system. Like you shouldn’t be walking off anywhere by yourself, especially being a girl,” says Jimerson.

“Making sure, first of all, that we never separate from each other. You have to have someone who can hold you accountable and make sure you’re doing the right things,” says Ip.

“I mean, even if you’re going out with other people and a friend walks away and you don’t know where you are, like you feel responsible for that too, so it’s definitely a scary thing that we’re having to deal with,” says Jimerson.

The Lakeside District is full of restaurants and lots of foot traffic. These two hope other young women will follow their lead.

“It’s just best to be cautious of what you’re doing because you don’t know who’s looking around you, you know?” says Jimerson.

If you know anything about Paighton Lane Houston, call Birmingham police at 205-297-8413.

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