Jefferson County Sheriff looking to add more live cameras

Grant for cameras to prevent crime

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office wants to add more live cameras to the areas they patrol.

These cameras take the Sheriff’s office one step closer to enforcement, which is one step closer to prevention.

State Representative Allen Farley comes from a law enforcement background. “I spent a 37-year career in the Sheriff’s office and in my last seven, I was Assistant Sheriff,” says Farley.

He recognizes the importance of the live cameras Jefferson County is already using in many areas. They have eight right now. They are monitored 24 hours a day from the Metro Area Crime Center.

Farley and state representative Linda Coleman-Madison donated $10,000 recently, taken from the Jefferson County community grant.

“So if there’s a burglary, if there’s another Aniah Blanchard, then we can look and see the traffic at major intersections. And if we’re looking for a particular car, we can find out which way they went,” said Farley.

They can also be used for traffic control at large events, like the upcoming World Games. But Farley sees them as an important tool in helping the children in high crime areas.

“We have the data to show us the communities where a lot of these crimes develop. And we can put the dots on the map, show the communities where a majority of our prison inmates are coming from," said Farley.

He believes these highly visible cameras will lead to crime-prevention and hopes more representatives come forward with similar donations.

"This is all about deterring crime, stopping crime, and keeping our communities and our kids and our grand kids safer,” said Farley.

These cameras cost around $60,000, so this donation of $10,000 won’t cover the entire cost. That’s why he hopes others will step forward with donations of their own.

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