Fultondale residents upset over proposed QuikTrip travel center

Fultondale residents upset over proposed travel center

FULTONDALE, Ala. (WBRC) - The idea of a possible QuikTrip travel center in Fultondale off Walker Chapel Road did not go over well with people who live in the nearby Chapel Hills neighborhood.

Thursday evening, residents gave the owner of the property and company officials an earful at a community meeting.

"I just bought a house on that side. I don’t want that,” one resident said.

QuikTrip says it’s not a truck stop even though it will have places for 18-wheelers to fill up.

"If the trucker is going to drop and get gas, get a sandwich, we want them to do that. We want them to get back out on the road. We don’t have any of the amenities that would encourage truckers to stay,” Mike Burke with QuikTrip said.

Robert Denny says traffic on Walker Chapel Road is bad enough. He doesn’t want to see more of it.

"When you talk about bringing more traffic on a road that can’t even handle what it’s got now then you’ve got a problem. And when you add 18-wheelers into the mix, you’ve really got a problem,” Denny, who lives in the neighborhood, said.

Residents also believe the 24-hour travel center could attract crime, so most of them were telling QuikTrip to take a hike. "Thank you for coming out, talking with us before you move in. So we’re asking you to go somewhere else,” Morris Johnson, who lives nearby, said.

No decisions were made at the town hall meeting. Fultondale’s mayor says there’s been no formal rezoning request yet for the piece of property. QuikTrip says it’s not trying to force anything on the community. They say they want what’s best for everyone.

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