Center Point mayor responds to increase in crime at condominium complex

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 7:50 PM CST
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CENTER POINT, Ala. (WBRC) - The mayor of Center Point thinks a recent spike in crime at a condominium complex is due, at least in part, to the condition of it.

The city is sending out letters to the owners of units at Woodside Condominiums. According to the mayor, many of them rent to tenants.

Mayor Tom Henderson said the letter informs the owners they have 30 days to get their property up to code and make it livable. If they don’t, Henderson said the city will consider acting.

“Closing them off or tearing them down, one or the other,” said Henderson.

In October, the city passed a new rental ordinance. Rental properties are now subject to annual inspections or inspections before a new tenant moves in.

There have been several recent incidents of crime at the complex.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday the arrest of a man in connection with a homicide that happened there on December 7.

Over the weekend, a woman called 911 reporting she was being held against her will at one of the condominiums.

“The rundown condition of those condominiums lends itself to the crime and stuff. So that’s what we’re aiming at. The rental ordinance works on that. And also we’re requesting from the Sheriff’s department that we have extra patrols in there,” said Henderson.

However, the mayor also said that crime in the city is not as bad many think. He blames the false perception on inaccurate reporting.

“There isn’t much crime out here as reported here in Center Point. Like I say, we do have our own, and we did have a spike in that Woodside Condominiums this month. And we’re trying to address that as quickly and as tough as we can,” said Henderson.

Henderson did say two more contract deputies have been added to the city bringing its total to six. In addition, other deputies from the Sheriff’s office also routinely patrol the area.

It was in 2017 that the Department of Justice did an analysis on crime in the city. Henderson hopes to make those findings public in the first quarter of 2020.

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