Mail thieves arrested in Cullman

Cullman pair charged with stealing mail

CULLMAN, Ala. (WBRC) - Two people are behind bars in Cullman, after being charged with stealing people’s mail.

A man who lives in the Scenic Drive neighborhood, says he looked out the window a little after 7:00 p.m. Tuesday night and noticed people around his mailbox. At first, he thought they were putting something in his mailbox. But he was wrong. And after realizing they were not there to spread Christmas cheer, he called in a detailed description of the car and police arrested the suspects 15 minutes later.

“Just going up and down roads and subdivisions, county roads, stopping at every mailbox, just raking everything out of the box into a duffel bag,” says Captain J.P. White with Cullman Police Department.

Police say 19-year-old Rylie Killion and 18-year-old Nathaniel England were looking for credit cards, checks or gift cards. Police tell say they know of at least one gift card used at a Logan’s Roadhouse. But now they say it goes beyond gift cards.

"Though this investigation we have linked them to other theft of property cases."

For now, the two are charged with five counts of theft, but that could change.

“We have been in contact with federal agencies and they have agreed to come and meet with us and hopefully the federal agencies will take this case. And if they do, it’ll be a federal crime for tampering with mail.”

Police suggest getting a P.O. box or having packages dropped off at your office or participating businesses. Police say even though they have these two behind bars, the mail thefts continue, leading investigators to believe they’re part of a much larger group and that more arrests could be down the line.

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