Tuscaloosa County and Shelton State Community College agree on land deal

Shelton State land deal approved

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa County Commissioners voted in favor of a plan allowing Shelton State Community College to give eight acres of land to the county for free.

The land behind the school’s C.A. Fredd Campus would eventually be used to build a facility to house the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office helicopter hanger, patrol division and some other units.

“The aviation unit, not to mention the facilities to store our quick response vehicles. So it should be a win-win for everyone across the board,” Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ron Abernathy said.

In exchange, Tuscaloosa County agreed to demolish an abandoned building on the property and build access roads for the college to that property and 35th street.

“We build roads and demolish things. We’re able to do that cheaper than they would have to pay somebody,” Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Mark Nelson added.

Sheriff Abernathy said the move would put them in a more centralized location within Tuscaloosa County.

It gives deputies better access to the interstate and increases the police presence near the C.A. Fredd Campus.

“It’ll be set up from the beginning to address those needs. So it’s going to be a huge benefit for us as far as the Sheriff’s Office here in Tuscaloosa County.”

The County has 90 days after today to handle paperwork on the project.

After that, there’s a 180 deadline for the county to demolish that abandoned building and build the roads.

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