Super Volunteer Martha Hester is ‘Doing Good’ at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center

Updated: Dec. 4, 2019 at 3:40 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - When you walk into the main lobby of Brookwood Baptist Medical Center, chances are you’ll meet Martha Hester. You are in for a treat!

Martha has been volunteering at the hospital for more than 40 years. She knows the place inside out. She also knows how difficult it can be for a stranger to find their way through a large medical center, so if someone asks Mary for directions, they end up with a personal escort.

We ran to catch up as she escorted one woman to her doctor’s appointment in another building. Down the hall. Into an elevator. Onto a crosswalk. Martha makes a quick stop at a window to point to the best place to park. “I show them where they should have gone and they say ‘dadgum I went right past that coming up the hill.’” After guiding the lost patient down another long hallway, they finally arrive at the doctor’s office door.

If you have Martha Hester as your guide, well, you’re not lost anymore. Along the way, Martha will offer you a cup of coffee. Handling the coffee station is one more of her volunteer duties.

We also found her putting together birthday boxes for newborns. Her work never ends. She’s here every Thursday doing something to help out. It’s just in her DNA.

(Source: WBRC)

Back in the 1970′s, Martha was a physical education teacher and led a championship tennis team at Mountain Brook High School. She retired after an injury weakened her teaching voice, but it certainly didn’t silence her. Martha says, “I’m a people person. They’ll tell you I yak all the time, so I can strike up a conversation with anybody.”

After four decades of volunteering at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center, Martha says, “I’ve been blessed. I’m thankful I did what I did, and I’ve been blessed by what I’ve done here.”

Her reward comes when she helps one more person. “Chalk one up for the day. It just makes you feel good; makes me feel good.”

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