JeffCo Sheriff offering free self-defense classes this weekend

JeffCo Sheriff offering self defense classes

FULTONDALE, Ala. (WBRC) - More and more people are wanting to learn how to protect themselves, not just around the holiday shopping season, but yearound.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is offering free self-defense training classes.

The sheriff’s office says you will watch safety videos and see some hands-on- training. Sheriff Mark Pettway wants people to be prepared to deal with someone who may try to rob them or take advantage of them during the holiday shopping season.

You’ll learn tips about where to park and why you shouldn’t be afraid to yell for help. The classes are filling up fast. The sheriff’s office says that speaks volumes.

"People need this. They want to hear it. They want to be concerned citizens in their communities so that they can help the police, help the deputies out there and maybe cut the crime rates for Jefferson County,” Tommie Black, the Deputy Director of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Academy said.

The free classes are Saturday, December 7 at the sheriff’s office training facility at 3500 Happy Hollow Lane in Fultondale. The morning classes are full but there are a few spots open in the 3:30 afternoon class. Call 205-849-5246 to reserve your spot.

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