Disturbing pics of dead dogs shared on Facebook

Dead dogs dumped on Markeeta Road

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Disturbing pictures were recently shared on Facebook of two dead dogs. It’s believed they were dumped on an isolated road near Leeds and Moody.

The road where the picture was taken is Markeeta Road - part of the roadway is in St. Clair County and another part in Jefferson County.

According to Leeds Police Chief Jim Atkinson, one of the dogs in the picture was shot dead. Another dog was found under a kennel. That dog was still there Wednesday.

Lloyd Gilbert lives down the road from where the dogs were dumped. He said it’s not uncommon for people to dump dogs in the area.

“People have problems with the dogs. Sometimes they don’t want them or they get mange or they get tired of having them,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert has adopted some of the abandoned dogs over the years. The dogs sometimes cause problems for people who live here going after livestock.. Gilbert said he has called Moody Animal Control to get some of the dogs once he has captured them.

People who live in the community said it’s unnerving to see dead dogs, shot and dumped on the roadway. “There are ways to take care of dogs rather than dumping them out and making them somebody else’s problem,” Gilbert said.

A police report was filed with the Leeds Police Department. Leeds Police Chief Jim Atkinson said they don’t have any information about who dumped the dogs or who may have shot at least one of them.

Gilbert said the dogs were found just across the line in Jefferson County.

If you have any information about what happened, you’re asked to call the Leeds Police Department or Animal Control for Moody or Jefferson County.

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