‘We will remember her by how she lived’: Remembering Megan Montgomery, woman found slain in Mountain Brook parking lot

Homicide victim remembered

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The community mourned the loss of a woman found dead in a Mountain Brook parking lot and vowed to continue her legacy of philanthropy.

In her short 31 years, Megan Montgomery made an impact on the non-profit sector that takes some a lifetime.

“Her legacy is going to be the philanthropy, the volunteer hours, the selflessness, the kindness, the wanting to end suffering of all types, that is her legacy,” said Allison Black-Cornelius, CEO of Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

The day after Montgomery’s body was found in a parking lot shared by the Mountain Brook Athletic Complex and Mountain Brook High School, Black-Cornelius stood in the shelter bewildered, saddened, and grief-stricken.

Black-Cornelius said Montgomery devoted countless hours to the GBHS who posted this sweet message about her online.

“She loved animals. Megan never missed an opportunity to attend an adoption event, to come to a social or special event. She was always the first person to get there, the last person to leave,” said Black-Cornelius.

Montgomery was also a founding member of GBHS Young Professionals. Black-Cornelius said the group helps raise a significant amount of money and awareness about their mission.

“Megan just gives and gives. She gives far more than she ever takes,” said Black-Cornelius.

Mountain Brook Police believed Montgomery’s life was taken as a result of a domestic dispute.

Montgomery’s estranged husband, Jason McIntosh, 44, a former Hoover Police officer turned himself in Monday, according to his attorney Tommy Spina.

Spina sent WBRC this statement:

"To me this case stands for the proposition that domestic violence is a real societal problem that is gender neutral and needs to be addressed in any relationship at the first sign of aggression by either party. Death should not be the result of a relationship gone bad. This I [sic] all very sad but also very real ".
Attorney Tommy Spina

This isn’t the first time McIntosh has been behind bars.

He was arrested in early 2019 following a report of a domestic altercation. Court records also show he's accused of shooting Montgomery in the arm back on February 23rd.

Black-Cornelius said Montgomery was not secretive about what they call physical abuse in her marriage.

In fact, shortly after the February shooting, we’re told she showed up to a charity event with her arm in a sling.

Black-Cornelius said the humane society tried to help Montgomery.

“All of us here at GBHS from the volunteers to the board offered our support and let her know that if she ever needs anything we are right here... We did know. Gosh... what could we have done different,” Black-Cornelius wondered aloud.

The last time Black-Cornelius spoke to Montgomery was over the phone about a week before Montgomery’s death.

Black-Cornelius said she called to check-in, "I just wanted her to be safe. I wanted her to be okay."

Not wanting Montgomery to be remembered by how her life ended but by the way she lived, Black-Cornelius challenged others to give to their favorite charity and help to make the world a better place, just as Montgomery did.

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