Threat of fires increases with colder weather

Preventing house fires in cold weather

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s gotten colder, and for the Birmingham Fire Department that means one thing. Expect more house fires with people trying to stay warm.

It’s just one of those things the Birmingham Fire Department sees every year when the temperatures drop -they see more house fires. This year has been especially deadly.

The Birmingham Fire Department says people will take desperate measures to stay warm. For the homeless, some may go to abandoned homes and start fires to keep warm.

Others may take steps to stay warm at home This year there have been eight fire fatalities. Last year it was two.

The fire department stepped up their smoke detector program and other educational efforts to tell people to be careful.

“You know if you use a space heater, remember to follow those simple rules. Keep anything that could burn three feet away from the space heater and follow your simple fire safety rules during this cold weather,” Battalion Chief Sebastian Carrillo of the Birmingham Fire Department said.

Carrillo said another thing to watch out for is cooking. People get distracted and leave food on the stove.

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