Police explain ways to protect your car key fob from being hacked

Device to hack your car's key fob

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We’re on your side asking police about a warning going around on social media this holiday season.

It warns drivers about a device that crooks can use to basically hack your car’s key fob through a remote device, and then unlock your car doors without you knowing.

Moody Police say they’re familiar with devices like this, which they call “signal boosters.”

But the chief says there haven't been incidents involving these devices in Alabama recently.

Police say, regardless, this is a good reminder for you to be extra vigilant while out and about this holiday season.

“If you feel unsafe about it, most key fobs have a key inside the fob,” said Moody Police Chief Thomas Hunt. “So if you feel unsafe, you can always lock your door inside as you leave, and when you come back, you can take your key outside of your fob and unlock the door.”

Chief Hunt also says you can buy an anti-hacking security bag, or Faraday bag, for your key fob to block signal boosters.

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