Etowah County students wear pajamas to school for Giving Tuesday

Gaston School students wear pajamas for Giving Tuesday

ETOWAH COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Students throughout the Etowah County school system spent Giving Tuesday in their pajamas.

As you can guess, it was for a good cause.

They did this throughout Etowah County, but we caught up with them at Gaston School.

For two dollars each, each student was allowed to wear their pajamas to school, and that went for the faculty as well.

The pajamas were a tribute to their chosen non-profit, Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

You may recall, as we reported in June, they build beds for indigent children who may not have a bed at home.

"We were raising money to give to Sleep in Heavenly Peace organization, and they're going to use that money to build furniture for children and adults who need it," said Nya Gatlin, a fifth grader at Gaston.

Teacher Jennifer Knighten organized "pajama day" through the Peer Helpers program. When we visited her classroom at Gaston High School, we found co-founder Valerie Goodman, who told us she was thrilled with the turnout.

“And I was peeking into each classroom, I could see all the students with their pajamas on, and it’s just wonderful. We’ve even seen social media posts of parents sending their kids to school in their pajamas,” Goodman told us.

Gaston School is a K through 12 school, so students in all grades were allowed to wear their pajamas.

Goodman says they’ve built more than 522 beds since they began doing it in May and have delivered 500 of them. Many of them went to children throughout Etowah County, and some of those were at Gaston School. But this was a county wide initiative--Goodman says a Christian school even contacted her Monday night about getting involved.

“I love getting the students involved, I love getting the community involved,” Goodman said.

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