Tuscaloosa Police Intel Unit prepare for holiday crime

Tuscaloosa Police Cyber Intel Unit

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - As we approach the holiday season, Tuscaloosa police plan to utilize their New Cyber Intel unit even more.

With Thursday being Thanksgiving and Christmas next month, there is typically a spike in crime in the city.

Tuscaloosa’s Cyber Intel Unit hopes the new equipment they have in place will not only help deter criminals but catch those in the act.

There are dozens and dozens of different parts of the city displayed on a huge screen in the unit’s operating room.

This is where cyber intel unit staff look at what’s going on in town, through cameras.

The cameras are very visible and are placed in areas of the city that have high pedestrian, and car traffic, as well as spots that typically see frequent criminal activity.

Although the unit is barely a year old, they’ve already seen some successes with it and the director believes it could make all the difference in cutting back on crime this holiday season. “I mean I want the criminal element in the city to know that all eyes are on you. We are being proactive. There are cameras deployed in every city across the country. This is nothing new but we’re using it in a different way," said Darren Barnes, Tuscaloosa Cyber Intel Unit director.

Tuscaloosa police said although cameras are helpful, they still want to hammer down the message that if you see something , say something, because police can’t do it all, they need your help to keep the community safe.

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