What if you’re out of sick time and get the flu?

Keeping flu germs from spreading at work

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - If you have the flu, it’s absolutely best to stay home. But what if you have the flu and you must get to work because you have no more sick days to use?

Brent Dierking of NorthStar Emergency Services says if you absolutely must get to work, then do things to not spread it. But he says if you are not well enough to do the job and even with no sick time, you should stay home.

But what if your boss, the person that signs your paycheck, doesn’t agree with you staying home? "I would think the last thing that an employer would want is to have his staff affected,” said Dierking.

If you must go into work with flu-like symptoms, Dierking says proceed with caution. Use hygiene by washing your hands immediately when you arrive to work and separate yourself from other workers.

“Some people might even take a mask to work, put a mask over their face and nose to help prevent the mist from coughing. I would think though most employers would rather you call and say that I have come down with something,” said Dierking.

Dierking says a good strategy for an employer would be to offer their employees the flu shot as part of their benefits package. But if you must work, use caution.

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