City of Trussville hopes to move first responders quickly through traffic

City of Trussville hopes to move first responders quickly through traffic
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Technology will help first responders in Trussville get to their destination faster and safer.

Trussville Fire Chief Tim Shotts says its still a major problem that a lot of drivers don’t know how to handle emergency vehicles when they suddenly show up. This could put everyone at risk.

“If the light is red we have to negotiate that intersection either clearing traffic or going into the ongoing traffic lane to get through the intersection,” he said,

To deal with this, the city is using what is referred to as Glance Priority and Preemption equipment. Devices developed by a company called Applied Information will be placed in fire engines and other emergency vehicles, as well as about 25 stop lights on the main roadways in Trussville.

The device on the truck will send a signal to a tower, which in turn sends a signal to the stop light; giving first responders a green light and stopping all other traffic.

This type of technology can also be used to help Trussville drivers keep traffic moving.

"Part of the project is to synchronize all of the lights and improve traffic flow. That it doesn’t just help first responders it helps everyone who is coming through town,” Shotts said.

Drivers can get an app called Travel Safely to give them heads of potential problems ahead.

“It allows drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists to know when other drivers are approaching, or if you are approaching someone who is walking. It makes things safer.” Shott said.

This will cost Trussville $145,000 for a five year contract. The new devices should be up around the first of the year.

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