German Christmas Pyramid celebrates Cullman’s history

Updated: Nov. 20, 2019 at 10:08 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The city of Cullman is doubling down on its German heritage, by bringing to the city center a large Christmas pyramid that has everyone in town captivated.

“Well, it is, it’s really charming.”

In the middle of town sits a structure foreign to some, but if you're a born and bred Cullman resident, it's part of your DNA.

“Cullman was obviously settled by Germans. And so we’re trying to preserve some of our heritage and our history. And we thought, what better way to do it than to buy an oversized Christmas ornament!” says Mayor Woody Jacobs.

A traditional Christmas pyramid, native to Germany. They date back to the late 1700's. They're usually smaller and sit on a table—the heat from the candles rises and makes it turn. This one is 30 feet tall and runs on a motor. Budgeted and paid for by the Cullman city council, Mayor explains it's an investment--and a special commission.

"The fourth one is kind of the special layer that represents Col. Cullman back in the day, he's on that level. Then we have a fireman from that time, a policeman from that time, we have a baker that represents the German restaurants from that time, which was very prevalent."

“That’s really pretty! Yeah, yeah it is! It’s just amazing!” says Jodie and Richard Means.

And so far, those in town love it.

“And it bridges the Cullman House terrifically and the gazebo, and this over here is a very popular farmer’s market, the Festhalle is, which is a German-built structure. So the concept is to celebrate German Christmas every year through this. Cullman’s proud of its German heritage,” says resident Ben Johnson.

Bringing some of the magic of the season to life in a very special way.

“I hope it’ll be a regular fixture every Christmas!” says Jodie Means.

Mayor Jacobs says they plan to put it up every holiday season. The official unveiling with lights and music will be Saturday night at 6:00 p.m., the same time as their Christmas parade. They also plan to build a traditional German Christmas market, held at the Festhalle.

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