Embracing Micah 6:8: Steve Marshall shares faith & motivation during month of violent crimes

Marshall shares faith and motivation

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - There have been three high-profile crimes in four weeks that have gripped our state and the nation.

It all started with the kidnapping and murder of Kamille McKinney. Then it was the disappearance of Aniah Blanchard. Then it was the killing of Sloan Harmon.

It’s something Attorney General Steve Marshall wrote an op-ed about earlier this week. He detailed the opportunity of giving people justice.

"It is my faith that sustains the work that I do. You know, I embrace Micah 6:8. One of the things that’s my responsibility to do is to seek justice, and I think it is very much what sustains me and the people that do what I do,” Marshall said.

Marshall talks about recent crime

Kamille McKinney, a 3-year-old Birmingham girl, was kidnapped the night of October 12. Her body was found almost 10 days later in a landfall.

Aniah Blanchard was seen being forced into a car on October 23. Surveillance footage in a convenience store was the last time the 19-year-old college student was seen as the search for her continues.

On November 5, 20-year-old Sloan Harmon was found shot and killed near a truck stop in Moody.

All three were victims of violent crimes. It’s something that has taken hold of our area in one month.

“Those three lives have captured the state in a very unique way," Marshall said. "But let’s don’t forget that there are other stories and there are other families that have likewise been impacted by these very same issues this year. These just simply happen to be things that happened recently that have captured our attention. And, I think it means that we cannot let go of the fight.”

Marshall says we all expect and deserve to live in safe communities. Unfortunately we’re always going to have people who commit crimes, which Marshall will continue fighting.

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