City of Tuscaloosa votes to revoke High Tide’s business license

Council votes to revoke business license

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - After some back and forth Tuesday night, Tuscaloosa City Council voted 4-1 to revoke High Tide’s business license.

The decision comes after a shooting outside that bar last month after a bouncer didn’t let a guy in over dress code and ID issues. The bar is located off the Strip.

Surveillance video from October shows the bouncer hitting the guy then a few seconds later that guy shot back at the employee. The bouncer was sent to the hospital. The suspected shooter was taken into custody. A few weeks later, surveillance video shows a High Tide employee knocking someone unconscious.

The city says these events, along with overcrowding at the bar and other safety concerns, led to its decision to revoke the license.

After the incidents, the city says it put the bar on notice to address safety issues, but a few days after the warning the city tells us the bar was still in violation.

"They just haven’t been able to learn from their mistakes and move forward. And for public safety purposes, we recommend closing,” Deputy City Attorney James Woodson said.

Several people, including employees, spoke in favor of the bar, saying they feel safe there.

The bar’s owner, Alex Hollis, calls the employee involved in the shooting a hero. He feels the situation could have been a lot worse if his bouncer didn’t intervene.

"That could have happened at any bar in town. So I don’t feel like we need to be penalized for something that we did the best in our actions to prevent. If he would not have been there, that guy could have gotten inside and then the gun could have went off,” Hollis said.

The city says High Tide has been given plenty of second chances to address safety issues.

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