Active shooter drill held at Glencoe High School

Active shooter drill at Glencoe HS

GLENCOE, Ala. (WBRC) - First responders and school personnel prepared for the worst and took notes as Glencoe Police and the Etowah County Sheriff’s office held an active shooter drill Wednesday morning at Glencoe High School.

Students ran to the school’s gym under a scenario in which two shooters invaded the school. More students sheltered in place and joined them later.

Glencoe and Gadsden fire departments and A-Med Ambulance were also evaluated, and even operators at Etowah County's E-911 service were drilled when students called to describe what was happening.

“I was in a classroom, and I heard three rifle shots and a couple of shotgun shots, and it kind of scared me,” said sophomore Meisi Diggs.

The school resource officer, Etowah County Deputy Tyler Craig, planned out the scenario. He later told teachers the students described their surroundings in a way in which officers had to look twice.

“Just preparing for this, and getting ready, fixed a lot of things that otherwise would’ve never been looked at, would’ve never been fixed,” said Etowah County Sheriff Jonathon Horton.

The principal of Glencoe High School, Charlton Giles, says school staff did well in most areas but he also saw places where they could improve.

Students even played the parts of patients with gun injuries. At least one was seen being wheeled out on a stretcher. Another one was picked to ride in the medical chopper, which unfortunately never made it to the scenario.

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