Shelton State to introduce new teacher apprenticeship program

Shelton State Community College new Teacher Apprenticeship Program

TUSCALOOSA , Ala. (WBRC) - Shelton State Community College started offering two pre-k classes this year for the first time and there are plans to expand it. But on top of expanding it, they are working to introduce a new apprenticeship program that would work with their pre-K classes.

This apprenticeship program would be for college and high school students looking to gain experience teaching in first class pre-K classrooms. Students in the high school program would get a child development associate credential, this makes them eligible to become an auxiliary teacher in a pre-K program, while pursing higher education.

The college believes their Shelton Teacher Preparedness Apprenticeship Program could be a win for not only the teacher workforce that needs more trained educators but also for the students passionate about teaching.

“We know early childhood is important but that does not mean we need to shortchange the early side, though. If you think about walking into a room with 18 children and you’ve never had that responsibility before it’s a little mind blowing. This gives them an opportunity to start where they are,” said Shelton State Child Development Director Holly Glasgow.

Shelton State also plans to partner with other schools and programs like Head start to place the right students in the right classrooms as a part of the apprenticeship agreement.

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