Cold weather ahead for your work week forecast

First Alert work week forecast 11-9-19

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Fall is in full swing! As we creep into another November week, we are preparing for some cold weather to blow through our area. You’ll want to take steps to be weather ready, protecting your plants, pipes and pets.

Veterans Day parades should be in good shape. No rain expected in the morning hours and mild temperatures throughout early afternoon. Rain will start to move in during the night on Monday and temperatures will fall.

Expect gusty arctic winds up to 30 mph as the cold air moves through Tuesday. Highs will only reach about 40 degrees. It might be a good day to make sure the garbage can or other items around the exterior of your home are secured.

It’s going to be a COLD Tuesday night, Expect lows in the 20s Wednesday morning.

The chill will still be around Thursday and Friday but there will be a slight increase in temperatures with highs in the mid-fifties.

We top the week off with a full recovery from the biting cold with mild temperatures in the 60s for Saturday and Sunday.

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