Power of public tips in investigations

Power of the public Aniah Blanchard

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Although a suspect is now in custody in connection to Aniah Blanchard’s kidnapping, Aniah has still not been found.

Police say investigators work hard to piece together cases, but often the breaks come in what’s shared with them.

“We’ve had major investigations where the tips were the key in making that investigation come together,” said Sergeant Johnny Williams with the Birmingham Police Department. He knows well the power of tips from the public. They’ve helped the department crack cases.

“Tips are very vital in any investigation, no matter what the investigation is,” said Sergeant Williams.

The kidnapping investigation of Aniah Blanchard has now moved into a fifteenth day. Sadly, with no signs of her.

Court documents obtained by WBRC show during a subsequent investigation into her kidnapping, a witness identified Ibraheem Yazeed as the person who forced Aniah into a vehicle.

That’s one of the last moments she was seen.

Her father says those are the tips needed by police to bring his daughter home.

“It bothers me - number one - that someone saw him do it and didn’t come forward until something like this happened,” said Elijah Blanchard, Aniah’s father.

Auburn Police say information provided by the public helped identify Yazeed as a suspect, but they continue to ask for information as they try to find Aniah.

“We do the job as best we can, but we depend on people to do the right thing and we’re thankful for that,” said Chief Paul Register, Auburn Police.

Police say if you’re curious about whether you have a tip that may be helpful to the investigation, still share it. No tip is too small.

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