Fans pack local T-town businesses ahead of the big game

Businesses winning big ahead of Bama LSU

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Thousands are expected to be in Tuscaloosa for the big rivalry game between LSU and Alabama.

And those thousands need somewhere to eat.

Local restaurants like Buffalo Phil’s have them covered. “We set up with our team, we make sure we sat down with our managers, making sure everyone’s on the same page. Different aspects of the business, no matter what gets thrown our way we’re ready to rock and roll, for sure!” says General Manager Christian Pierce.

Just the sheer number of fans from both sides coming into town make this a big win for business owners. Gallettes saw a steady stream of customers, while Buffalo Phil’s was already packed.

“Business has been really great. You know, usually around that Thursday or Friday for any game day you know you start getting really busy, but with this LSU game with how big and how hyped up it’s been, it escalates everything!” says Pierce.

And with presidential eyes on the game, we asked how students felt about it.

“Mainly positive from what I’ve seen, for sure. I’m just excited he’s here, like I’ve seen the secret service bus by the stadium, I think that’s pretty cool,” says UA junior Noah Landsberg.

Meanwhile, others will be focused on the game, already predicting the outcome.

“98-0, Bama," says UA alum Anthony Buck.

“We have no exact idea what we’re doing tomorrow except going to the game and getting a victory," says Tavis Piattoly.

Pierce and other business owners say there’s no way to tell just how much more business they saw this weekend, but say it’s “noticeable.”

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