Neighbors in Helena spring into action saving man’s life

Homeowner, neighbor save man's life in Helena

HELENA, Ala. (WBRC) - A contract worker is lucky to be alive after going into cardiac arrest in Helena. He was working at the home of a retired nurse anesthetist. A police officer who is a neighbor and was nearby got the call and both heroes sprung into action

Mary Pat Pampu, a retired CRNA, heard a frantic knock at her door in the pouring rain from a contractor hired to do work on the home on Roundtree Path in Helena. His partner, in the driver’s seat, was having a heart attack.

“His co-worker came running from the truck, banged on my door and said can you call 911,” said Pampu.

Pampu called 911, but her life-saving instincts kicked in. That man behind the wheel was not breathing. She pulled him out of the truck and started CPR.

“At that time, my neighbor Brad Flynn who’s a lieutenant with the Helena Police Department, heard the call on the radio. He happened to be at home,” said Pampu.

“Oh my God, that’s right across the street so I ran down the driveway and saw Mary Pat with the gentleman on the ground, so I knew immediately that I needed to do something to help,” said Flynn

Within minutes, Officer Mike Nelson, who was patrolling the area, came with a CPR mask. Lt. Flynn, normally not home in the afternoon, realizes that his presence was instrumental in getting that man some medical attention but says that Pampu is the true hero, who did everything and more to save that person from dying.

“Mary Pat was a rockstar. You can tell that she had the situation well under control. We worked well together. It was real calm. We knew exactly what needed to be done and we just went into that gear and kept working,” said Flynn

Lt. Flynn says that he just received a CPR refresher course from the department. The man, whose name was not released, is recovering in a nearby hospital after surgery.

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