Hanceville honors veterans in a special way

Hanceville honors veterans

HANCEVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) -We're just a few days away from honoring those who served our nation. One city in Cullman County is doing that in a special way.

A ride down Commercial Street in Hanceville and you’ll see faces of brave men who served in the Army and Navy during World War II, the Korean War and served their country here at home in the national guard. There’s Billy Dunn, Alton Nail and a few blocks down is Charles “Sonny” Nail. Sonny is a lot older now and says he’s thankful the city is honoring veterans this way.

"It makes me humbled and real proud especially when I’m hanging up there with my dad and uncle,” Nail said.

Sonny served six years in the Army National Guard.

"I climbed poles, string wire, hooked up switch boards, operated switch boards..anything that came along,” Nail said.

While he never saw war up close, he’s proud he wore the uniform because he knew at a moment’s notice he could get the call to ship out to places like Vietnam. Sonny says seeing the banners in downtown, gives him a sense of pride. It’s something his cousin Kenneth Nail, who’s also Mayor, wholeheartedly agrees with.

"This is a traditional support your military town. It puts a face behind it and you know freedom is not free. There’s been a lot of sacrifices from our soldiers and their families. So we want to honor that,” Mayor Nail said.

“It just makes you proud. I feel real humbled about being in the same street with the veterans like that. I just want them to remember how great this nation is and if it wasn’t for our veterans, where would we be?” Sonny said.

Mayor Nail says everyone is welcome to put up a banner. He’s received several calls about them since the city put them up several days ago. If you would like to have one put up, call City Hall at 256-352-9830.

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