Harsh criticism of Tuscaloosa Police after social media post

Tuscaloosa Police social post

Tuscaloosa, Ala. (WBRC) - A post on Facebook by Tuscaloosa Police is under fire after asking for help finding someone they say is a thief. But some citizens are concerned about the department’s approach.

The department posted surveillance images on its Facebook page asking for help finding a theft suspect.

What caught people’s attention was what police say the man stole; a small salmon lunch kit from a local grocery store. Over 800 people commented, but in a twist - many offered to pay the grocery store for the man’s meal and wanted to find the man to give him more food.

Many Facebook users expressed frustration about the post, saying they understand policing and social media being used as a tool in investigations, but don’t believe the post was appropriate.

Tuscaloosa police confirmed the crime was reported and investigators asked for the picture to go online to help with the search, but they would not comment further on the post, reaction to the post, or the investigation.

We reached out to the grocery store. We were told we would need to speak with the owner, but have not heard back.

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