Vigil held for injured Bibb County teen

Prayer vigil for Hunter Bice


Community members are rallying to support a Bibb County high school student seriously injured in a crash.

Tuesday night, well over 100 people attended a prayer vigil for Bibb County High School senior, Hunter Bice.

According to Bibb County High School baseball coach Kevin May, Bice was injured Friday morning in a car wreck on his way to school. Coach May says Bice’s vehicle was knocked into traffic and then hit again. Bice was ejected and suffered broken bones. He was airlifted to UAB where he’s been recovering since.

Bice had been in the ICU, but has since been moved to a regular hospital room as he continues his recovery.

During Tuesday’s vigil, Bice thanked his family and friends by phone for their continued support as he recovers.

Coach May says he expects Bice to remain in the hospital for some time, but he knows he athlete will fight to get better.

“Do what we do and that’s fight and continue to compete every day like he did on the field,” said May, “He’s got the personality and he’s got the spirit about him and that he’s going to do that.”

May says the whole baseball team hopes to go be able to see him soon.

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