Remote start vehicles present carbon monoxide danger

Dangers of keyless start vehicles

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Last year, the New York Times reported at least 28-deaths since 2006 because of carbon monoxide poisoning from cars with keyless ignitions left idling.

Keyless ignitions are now installed in over half of the new vehicles sold in the United States according to There are several factors when determining if it is safe and legal to use the remote start. First on that list, check to make sure that the car is not stored inside.

“If you start your car in the morning and let it run, your garage is going to fill up with carbon monoxide and potentially your car may fill up with carbon monoxide as well. As most people know that can kill you.” says Clay Ingram, a spokesman for AAA Alabama.

Some call carbon monoxide the silent killer. Most common threats of deaths from poisoning is from a gas stove or furnace. But with the advance in technology and keyless entry, there are more opportunities for carbon monoxide to kill than ever before.

“We do hear from time to time that people start their cars in an enclosed area like that and forget about it and usually they dodge a bullet on those kinds of things, but you never know. You can’t be too careful with that type of thing,” Ingram says.

At the very least Ingram says, get a carbon monoxide detector for the home. Better to be safe than sorry.

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