Halloween comes early for kids, families at Lakeshore Foundation

Halloween comes early for kids, families at Lakeshore Foundation
Kids and families got to trick or treat early this year! (Source: WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Nearly 80 kids and their families stopped by the Lakeshore Foundation for some spooky and very special Halloween fun.

The gymnasium was filled with jack-o'-lanterns, skulls, and of course candy.

“Anything chocolate!” said 9-year-old Amelia Bowser.

She said this Halloween party is one she and all her friends at the Lakeshore Foundation look forward to all year.

The event creates the most inclusive, accessible Halloween party for the kids and their families.

And the costumes are pretty great, too.

Amelia was a Ghostbuster, with her name stitched into her outfit.

Her mother Corinne said it’s events like these that make her realize how far Amelia has come.

“Amelia was born with spina bifida. She has been paralyzed since birth. She got her first wheelchair when she was not quite 3-years-old,” said Corrine.

Now, after a little over a year at the Lakeshore Foundation, Corinne says she never could have imagined how quickly Amelia would gain strength and self-confidence.

“You always think, ‘Is my child going to make friends? Are there going to be friends that can look past the fact that she’s in a wheelchair?’ Especially as we get older and those things start to matter more. And it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter here," said Corinne. "Everyone here either has a disability or has a sibling with a disability. Everyone here understands. The parents understand, the kids understand. And it makes me so happy, so thankful.”

To learn more about the Lakeshore Foundation, click here.

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