’If you have my daughter, she is loved.’: Aniah’s father pleads for her safe return

Updated: Oct. 29, 2019 at 6:09 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The family of Aniah Haley Blanchard continues to do all they can to find the missing Homewood 19-year-old.

It’s been six days since Aniah disappeared.

A video at an Auburn convenience store, Wednesday, Oct. 23 is the last time anyone saw her.

She attends a community college in Auburn.

Elijah Blanchard, Aniah’s father said, “We know our daughter is scared. We know she wants to come home. As a family we are trying to just stay together. Stay prayed up. Making sure we have hope. We are real hopeful.”

Blanchard admits its been difficult to sleep not knowing where his daughter is. The family is getting constant calls seeking ways to help. “People just ask me how are you doing? I’m a train wreck on the inside, but I have to be supportive because I know Aniah would want her father to stay strong,” Blanchard said.

Montgomery Police found Aniah’s Honda CRV at a Montgomery apartment complex. The front of the vehicle was damaged.

The Auburn Police Department said they have gotten several phone calls, but so far not the one that leads them to the teen.

Blanchard said the family is fearful because it’s totally out of character for Aniah not to come home or contact her family.

The father has a message for his daughter: “We all are trying our best to do what we can to find you. And if you have my daughter know she is loved. I just ask you to let her go,” Blanchard said.

Anyone with information please contact the Auburn Police Division at 334-501-3140, anonymous tip line 334-246-1391 or non emergency 334-501-3100.

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