New worries for business owners on Highway 280

Construction delay concerns

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - New worries from businesses blocked by construction work stalled on Highway 280.

“It’s not fair for the small business in this area to have to suffer for the state’s mistakes," said Karen Upchurch, manager at Cash World Pawn and Jewelry.

She has that message printed on flyers she hands to customers who come and shop at Cash World Pawn and Jewelry off Highway 280. The customers she says actually visit her store these days.

“Our sales have suffered. We don’t have as many customers come in because we’re not as easy to get to," said Upchurch.

She says ALDOT’s plan was to help traffic around the 119 intersection. Months since our first report, she’s seen little progress and questions when this will all be done.

“Every time we talk to someone with ALDOT it’s ‘we’ll be there next week’, ‘we’re waiting on approval’, ‘we’ve already got another contractor lined up’,” said Turner.

She says with Christmas shopping starting soon - she wants work finished asap.

Back in August we were told by ALDOT the original contractor went bankrupt and the new contractor should begin work in the next two weeks.

When WBRC spoke to ALDOT today - they said they are still in the process of getting a new contractor and hope to get that complete in the next 2 -3 months.

They are working diligently to get the project done.

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