East Alabama law enforcement agencies receive federal grants

Justice Dept Calhoun County grant

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Justice Department has awarded more than a million dollars worth of grants to Calhoun County.

In a news conference Thursday, U.S. Attorney Jay Town announced more than $1.2 million in grants were award to the police departments of Anniston and Oxford, and to veterans’ court in the Calhoun County Judicial System.

The money won’t go to guns or bullets or cars - instead, it will go toward training, technical assistance, software/hardware, and in Anniston’s case, cameras that will be placed throughout the city.

Town says the training, among other things, will teach law enforcement professionals how to share crime intelligence with other agencies.

“It’s very important, that when we are using crime intelligence, that crime intelligence is not hoarded by any one agency, because as you know, crime crosses city boundaries, county boundaries, and being here, located on the eastern part of the Northern District of Alabama, we know that it crosses the state lines just as easily,” Town said, “dealing with the traffickers coming in from Atlanta to this state, through this state, and egressing to and fro what I believe to be a huge interdiction highway on I-20,” said Town.

“We have a major interstate running through this side of the state where we see human trafficking, drug trafficking, and crime going through that area,” said Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge. “And with this money, we’re able to do a better job of intelligence-led policing.”

“It’s looking for policing strategies, but also what to do with people once they’ve been charged with a crime,” said Calhoun-Cleburne County District Attorney Brian McVeigh.

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