Oakdale Elementary School hosts parenting day classes

Tuscaloosa elementary schools parent day is today

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa City Schools is having parent day at their elementary schools on Wednesday.

There’s a special program at one of the schools that is geared toward educating parents on certain topics.

Oakdale Elementary School is offering parenting day classes. And your child doesn’t have to attend the school for you to take advantage of these sessions. It’s designed to help you create a more positive environment for your child at home.

The parenting day classes are from about 9-11 a.m. They will have current and former police officers there to talk about community crime statistics and how you can talk to police about what’s going on in their neighborhood, what could be influencing your child, how to deal with your child who’s gotten in trouble at school or been in the system and how to help them move forward.

There will also be credit union speaker available to help families manage their budget and account. Health service vendors will be there too.

“I want parents to understand that it’s a community effort. It’s not just the school, the home or church, but the whole village has to raise our children. We were trying to get Oakdale parents to come first but the whole community is welcomed to come we just want everyone to know what’s going on,” said Gloria Hamner, Parenting Day Coordinator.

Be a part of the first 25 people to register at 8:30 a.m. to receive a free lunch pass after the classes are complete. Look out for Parenting Day dates for the middle and high schools in Tuscaloosa City Schools next week and the week after.

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