Birmingham advocacy group taking unique approach to solve crime

Community steps up to help search for robbery suspects

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham Police are still searching for the two men involved in a violent attempted robbery at the C & C Beauty Supply on 6th Avenue almost a week ago.

Some community members are using a unique approach to find these guys. They plan to walk through the area surrounding the Beauty Supply store Wednesday in hopes of finding the men and talking to them about their life choices.

Police say the two men tried to rob the beauty supply store last Wednesday. In the surveillance video, you can see them running from the store and shooting back at the owner after he shoots at them. Amazingly no one was injured.

Community members tell me they want to help these men get jobs - so they won’t turn to violent crimes. They also want to protect businesses from violence so the community can grow.

“No business will thrive in an area where we allow crime and violence to pervade unabated - no one wants to come in your community if they feel unsafe. This is mandatory for us. We don’t have a choice,” said Walter Umrani.

The Birmingham Black Economic Alliance plans to meet in front of the beauty supply store Wednesday at 5 pm if you’d like to join this walk.

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