Trussville will conduct traffic study, address safety concerns

Trussville traffic safety concerns

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - City leaders in Trussville are looking to address traffic safety concerns.

Some people who live near Cahaba Elementary are concerned about drivers going too fast in a community with lots of children.

7-year-old William Smart lives on Chickasaw Lane and loves to ride his bike up and down the street after school. Often, his playtime is interrupted by vehicles whizzing by.

“There’s been times where we had to yell at the kids to stop before they go into the road,” said Bill Lundy, resident.

“We have to keep a constant eye on the kids - namely because people fly through here,” said Bryan Taylor, resident.

“The way people drive through here - it’s a lack of concern for the speed limit. Maybe people don’t pay attention to it. It’s definitely not 15 - 20 miles per hour,” said Kellie Yarbrough, resident.

Neighbors say drivers hit speeds much higher. “I think 40 - 50 would be appropriate,” said Lundy.

The community is now working with the city to conduct a traffic study. Devices will be placed in neighborhoods around Cahaba Elementary to look at traffic count, congestion and speed in the area.

“Obviously, safety is of the utmost importance. As we continue to grow in Trussville, safety is important. We’re doing traffic studies all over the city. We want to make sure all streets are safe - especially around our schools that our kids are safe,” said Alan Taylor, City Council.

The city is expected to install monitors in the next week. Taylor says it takes about 2 to 3 weeks for the city to collect data. Based on the data collected, the public safety committee will make recommendations about what’s needed.

Residents in the area say they’d love to see speed bumps added to the street and traffic re-routed downtown so people don’t feel the need to use Chickasaw Lane as a cut through.

Taylor says based on the recommendations from the public safety committee, they will review the budget. He confirmed they do have money in the budget to address safety concerns.

The public safety committee is expected to meet next month where they could review the data.

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