Surveillance cameras to go up around Trussville

Trussville smart city

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - Surveillance cameras are about to go up all around the city of Trussville.

Fourteen cameras will soon be keeping an extra eye on things in Trussville. This week city council voted to install the cameras at all major intersections and entry points in the city. Some of those cameras will focus on license plates. The city is teaming up with Flock safety and Alabama Power to put them up.

"These are just taking pictures not videos. It takes a picture of a car tag. That tag will notify our police department if that vehicle may be registered to a stolen vehicle or stolen tag or it could be someone with an outstanding warrant in another city,” Mayor Buddy Choat said.

Mayor Choat says this effort is about keeping the community safe.

New technology is also going up at stoplights that will allows first responders to control the traffic lights. Choat hopes this will speed up emergency response times along the busy and often times congested Highway 11.

"It can send signals to each traffic signal ahead of the equipment and the lights will turn green so traffic will start moving to clear the intersection so the vehicles can get through quicker. We hope our response times will improve by that,” Choat said.

According to the mayor, all of the new technology will cost the city around $200,000. A couple of Flock cameras are already up because the city has been testing the system. The rest of the cameras should be up and running within 60 days.

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