Not much change after new drought monitor report

State drought monitor released

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A new drought monitor report Thursday shows improvement in Jefferson, northern Tuscaloosa and Blount counties, but it’s drier to the east.

The Alabama Forestry Commission says the drought has increased in the area east of I-65 because most of the past weekend rains were west, towards the Mississippi line.

They’ve been fighting fires all week long. The new drought monitor readings give them a better chance of anticipation. But they are still hopeful for more rain.

“Humidity is going to be lower today and tomorrow and going into Saturday. So, we know we’ll have a hard time fighting wildfires with the lower humidity, but hopefully everyone will get rain, but we never really expect it until rain has fallen. So, we must be careful”, said Jason Dockery of The Alabama Forestry Commission.

Dockery mentioned that cars that pull over on the highways and car accidents have increased the chances of widespread fires. But they are keeping a closer eye on the areas of attention based on the drought monitor readings.

You can view the latest fire total numbers here.

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