Hoover receiving state funds for Hwy 31 and Hwy 150 road work

Major changes coming to Highway 31 & 150 intersection

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Good news for Hoover drivers. The city will be receiving state funds from the recently enacted gas tax to make improvements on Highway 31 and Highway 150, John Hawkins Parkway.

This week Gov. Kay Ivey announced Hoover will he getting more than $500,000. The city matched the money with $243,000.

The plan calls for widening the Taco Bell driveway on hwy 31 so drivers can get into the shopping center easier, and adding a northbound turn lane in the the middle of Hwy 31 to turn into the Jim and Nicks driveway and the infinity dealership.

If money is leftover the city plans to extend the left turn lane on 150 into 31.

Mayor Frank Brocato said this will be a safety factor for drivers and help businesses in the city.

“Six and a half million cars come into the Galleria complex every year," Brocato said. "So it’s an active intersection. So anything we can do along that corridor that helps move traffic, particularly traffic that is turning right and left into our various businesses, is going to help.”

Planning work is underway at this time.

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