Schools seeing early flu impact this year

Shelby County Schools encouraging flu shots

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - The flu is hitting schools early this year which is why school systems are encouraging parents to get their children a flu shot early.

Shelby Elementary School says they are already seeing some cases of the flu. Teachers were getting flu shots Wednesday and students got them Tuesday.

If you didn’t take advantage of that opportunity, school nurses say you need to go ahead and get that shot pretty fast.

The school nurse says it is so important for students to get the flu shot because it does much more than protect them and those around them.

“It can help you to not get the flu, but it can also decrease your symptoms that you get if you do have the flu which gets our students back into the classroom sooner and that’s really our whole goal as the school nurses to keep kids in the classroom,” said Shelby Elementary school nurse Hannah Harris.

Some students had the flu as early as August, so nurses are asking parents to stay aware and not send their child to school if they are showing symptoms.

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