Greenwood Elementary will not close...yet

Greenwood Elementary concerns

BESSEMER, Ala. (WBRC) - Greenwood Elementary School in Bessemer is not closing right now. In a meeting Wednesday night, Superintendent Dr. Keith Stewart tried answering as many questions as he could from concerned parents.

Stewart says the school board has talked about closing Greenwood Elementary, but has not made a decision on the matter yet.

Enrollment has dropped over the years from 5,000 to 3,600 students. That and the age of the building are the two biggest concerns.

“This is one of our older schools. And we’re just going to do studies on it to see what it would cost to renovate the school and whether or not that would be feasible based on the number of students,” says Dr. Stewart.

School board members have not decided if they’ll close it, but assure parents that if they did, a long process would be involved with plenty of notice.

Jennifer Bellanca has taught here for 24 years.

“This school is loved by the community and we have lots of generational parents and kids that come and so I would just really hate to see it close,” says Bellanca.

Some parents feel they’re left with more questions. The main concern now is why Greenwood?

“Our school is one of the highest academically, us and one other school are the top two schools. Our numbers aren’t really that much lower than the other schools so it’s kind of, to me when you look at all five schools, we’re not the one that should be focused on closing,” says parent Jame Dunning.

Dr. Stewart says they strive to be transparent, giving everyone his phone number tonight. He also urges all parents to attend school board meetings to be on top of all updates.

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