On Your Side: Neighbors seeing improvements in illegal dumping in South Eastlake

Neighbors seeing some improvements

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - After several complaints of Illegal dumping and junk-filled yards, neighbors in South Eastlake say they are hopeful after we aired a story calling out the perpetrators.

One neighbor emailed WBRC and said he noticed improvements at a home that previously had a yard full of junk. Another neighbor, Jason Slatton, said he no longer walks the neighborhood with his daughter due to the mess.

"We want to be in a community where we see people taking care of the community they have around them. That kind of thing isn't just trash though it can extend to being kind to other people. That's what community is about," said Slatton

Slatton said that as the neighborhood continued to improve, he hoped to start walking with his daughter again.

City leaders said they will continue to issue citations and warn offenders of a hefty fines.

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