Pinson Valley teacher wins $25K award

Pinson Valley teacher surprised with Milken Award

PINSON, Ala. (WBRC) - The entire student body and faculty celebrated Raisa Eady on Wednesday.

During a surprise school-wide assembly, Dr. Jane Foley with the Milken Foundation announced that Eady, a biology teacher, was awarded a Milken Educator Award.

Also called the “Oscar of Teaching,” the Milken Educator Award was a surprise to everyone in the assembly, including Eady. The award comes with an unrestricted $25,000 cash prize.

Raisa Eady received the surprise $25K award.
Raisa Eady received the surprise $25K award. (Source: Milken Award Foundation)

Eady is celebrated for her work prioritizing STEM education and promoting a strong AP biology initiative, as well as boosting literacy and ESL programs.

It was an unusual assignment that made Eady stick out to the Milken Foundation. The assignment consisted of students bringing in a photo of their celebrity crush then determine the genotypes and phenotypes for a set of characteristics for those celebrities. Then, using Punnett squares, students predicted the appearance of a hypothetical offspring produced by the student and celebrity.

Along with teaching, Eady is the chair of Pinson Valley’s science department and is the lead teacher for the district’s 150 science educators in grades 6-12. She also coaches the Science Olympiad team and sponsors the Science National Honor Society.

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